Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Saturday, January 15, 2011

i think

back when

even just seeing

the bottles of vitamin water on the shelf

made me have to skip that aisle of kuwolskis

back when

just that green tinted incredibly hulk green

was like kryptonite

and id drive avoiding blue suv's

back when

i didnt know

but i knew

and so did everyone else

but i couldve sworn

- i really didnt know

i forget

how much is lived in less than


i forget

how short "six" really


that if it took

thousands for a heart to form

and thousands millions more

for this shape to house

that primordial sludge



is just so


... to have lived so many feelings

to have wondered so many things

to have questions answered by new questions

to have had too many to count on both hands and toes

six is not so much

for so much of this to have

been formed

sometimes i forget

how six is not



how six is just

one more than 5

and it wont be six



fabled resurrection day

when life re-borns itself

and somehow all the way from there

ive landed here

worried if i can make one year

when that's 1/6 of 6?

so these days are just hours

and these hours just minutes

and these minutes just seconds

and all combined still not enough for

the first

primordial sludge to have shaped into

a valve that beats

so i think

clearer than i have in 2

clearer than i have since the shaping of this 1


all of this?

will be like those shelves that now just make me smile to remember

how i can still recall that wonder of that tinted green photograph

how blue suv's now make me smirk

how i did not just get to dance with you i got to know your flaws that for 2 seemed impossible

how i dropped 15

and gained 15

and lost again

and now am somewhere inbetween

and still cannot count

all the valves of mine that have been broken

all the valves whose names i struggle to recall

and thats just in 6

so these seconds

are just so much less than 6

for waiting

- kim thompson. seoul. s. korea 22.45 sat 15 jan


  1. @ jung mee bec - i hope thats a good daaaam? ^^

  2. Yes! A very GREAT one!

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