Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Monday, November 21, 2011

poem of love for mpls

we were at best
at first
wanting nothing
if anything
to do with you
- pushing you away
and kicking your streets
telling you each and every moment
how you paled in comparison to the previous
drinking just so as not to see your face
even your air stung
even your club called c.c. brought ache -

as to when
it shifted
as to when
this kind of disdain
turned to some kind of
was somewhere in the middle streets
of uptown and lyndale

as to when the some kind of love
turned to
give and take
equal reciprocation...
was somewhere between
35th and bloomington
14th and elliot...

you are no longer the one
there is another now
another whose river calls
another whose streets beg to be explored
another whose side alleys gesture alluringly
another whose air gasps to be breathed

but you will always be this one
giving and taking so much
you will always be this one
who opened a closed heart
who made beautiful a country
that had become a place to reject
after 8 years with others

and it is because of you
that now here
can be embraced
that now this seoul
can be known fully
by this soul

have been the places loved
numerous have been the
drunken one night explorations
in lands that can never really be described
whose scent still lingers
whose rivers still beckon

but yours
is a
a park
a lake
a clustering of
loved so
loved still
loved always

never fading in forgetting
always rising
up in dreams

never diminishing in time's ticking

"and how... we loved."

kim thompson 14.49 tuesday 21 nov 2011 seoul. s. korea

Sunday, November 20, 2011

time... the sea... then... now

images from the o.k.a.y. book 2009... (so much happens in 3 years)

-- and now... (an) epilogue of many 2 years 11 months 2.5 days later--

jesus didnt part it
moses didnt do one damn thing

wandering like a nation
in the deserts of the world
never knowing just how close you were
circling for stale manna
eaten rotten meat

you were never showing up in dreams
instead you sent the sea

you were not a cloud
not a holy fire

you were cross-legged on the floor
hand gesturing
that had been predicted 2 years before

speaking to you in that empty seat
speaking to you in that empty chair
speaking to you in that empty space

weeks away from what will be 3 years
29 to be exact in days

you were always absent
always omni-present
sacrificing on an altar
in place of harvest

that sea's been flooding land
for 30 plus
2 years
only to be calmed

not by their savior
but by


kim thompson. 20-21 nov. 2011 (sun/mon) 12.50pm-1am seoul. s.korea.