Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ibyang Muñeca

They called her “Ibyang Muñeca,”

“China Doll from the Midway"

and like a thousand other monikers

she’d answer to

drunk with friends that she adopted,

made a family out of strangers--

knew her core but like two of them knew her name.

Tough lover and a Turf Club regular,

slammed every door decisively--

some function of her nature--

and danced out loud to car alarms,

bathed in sweat or rain

twisted fluently, twisted fluency

when gawkers gawked--

“out-of-town-tourist-trash,” she’s sing.

Loved it when people asked her

“where you from?”

told them “like a million different places,

depending on the day--

wouldn’t recommend Wyoming

but you knew that already.”

Flew her independent nation flag

without it being stupid bangs,

esoteric ink, piercings, or pulled together poetry--

told me I was dumb to look for meaning in her laugh lines.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

going home

Due to a writers block... I'm posting an old one today

Three days, just one night
Took a train into my soul
No Idea what I would find
Three nights and I'm gone

A home in my head
I wish I could find
The way through hell
Then I'll never look back

Three nights, just one day
I stared into my soul
Missed the train
I'm going back home

Haiku Giveaway Day

A haiku for anyone who asked for one today.

RASSACIN’S PLAYPEN: Your play is so penned / every run skip jump cartwheel / leaves a trail of poems.

SPEARAMINT RODRIGO: Your mint is so speared / if I’m cravin something fresh / I look to your sword.

TATIANA FIREFLY: Your fire is so fly / logs jump into your burnt arms / just to hear you spit.

PADRA’S SWING SET: Your set is so swung / even wind can’t flip your kicks / keep em high, so high

SKY HIGH ALICIA: Your sky is so high / the kids send their balloons up / just to dream with you

FULL MOON MEGAN: Your moon is so full / the werewolves are dressing up / to dance in your glow

MIXTAPE FOR LIZ: Your tape is so mixed / it’s like kimchi flavored Bach / looped on a dove song

CHRIS’S KITTEN: Your kit is so ten / it’s double thumbs up, peace sign, / pinky promise plus

DAN’S BIG BOX: Your box is so big / the world is guns and villains / till wife turns it off

ROCK STAR KATIE: Your star is so rocked / you can shoot and make a wish / both feet on teh ground

MIDNIGHT MADDIE: Your mid is so night / Sofia got her eyes tight / dreams sweet on your chest

VANESSA’S GREEN EGGS: Your eggs are so green / I would eat them in a box / or with you, you fox.

ANGIE’S BLUE BELL: Your bell is so blue / it rings wild razz lollipops / on our grown up tongues

CHRISTY’S WILDLIFE: Your life is so wild / giraffe spot love and snake smiles / you just can’t cage that

MELISSA SPICE JAR: Your jar is so spiced / gotta warn em, don’t get too / crazy shakin ya

WHAT’S UP MARY: Your what is so up / the who when where why and how / got nothin on it.

FREESTYLE SARAH: Your style is so free / and your hugs are golden so / I think I owe you

STACY JAY Z: Your Jay is so Z / or is it Lo or is it / Ray? You would know this.

SASHA’S SMALL TALK: Your talk is so small / I keep it in my pocket / rainy day savings

KRISTIN’S STARFISH: Your fish is so starred / I saw him swim crooked but / you see his best strokes

GOLD’S STRAIGHT TALK: Your talk is so straight / it squares up like a window / mmm that’s some fresh air

JULIA’S CITY BANK: Your city’s so bank / the sky dumps its purse in the / million dollar sea.

KAYLA’S SMALL FRY - Your fry is so small / I won’t tell if you won’t, so / buy a large let’s eat

SMOKE STACK JANELLE: Your stack is so smoked / he stopped breathing and fell when / you walked in the room

FAST TRACK JOSHUA: Your track is so fast / I thought I heard you but it / might’ve been the wind

EMILY’S STOP WATCH: Your watch is so stopped / no fuss no rush no mom mom / bear hug, who wants that.

NEON DEB: Your ne is so on / a lighthouse in the city / pink red lime flash arms

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


and if i chant your name enough
will that change a thing?

even cs lewis said
"it changes me not you"

this thing this thing
what is this thing that i cant stop waiting for?

like arms outstretched invisible
but shoulders that are pinioned...

writer/poet i say i am
but am l-o-s-t with spelling bees

am i just another of those
washed up wannabes?

some days... art... the word... the world
run sliding 'tween my digits...

some days... liking... loving... heart
sit empty void inside my chest

and i just sit in dim light listening to my fan
oscillating on its stand...
(as if its wind will whisper something that i need to hear)

- kim thompson. 11.51 am thursday 10 june 2010 seoul, s. korea