Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haiku Giveaway Day

A haiku for anyone who asked for one today.

RASSACIN’S PLAYPEN: Your play is so penned / every run skip jump cartwheel / leaves a trail of poems.

SPEARAMINT RODRIGO: Your mint is so speared / if I’m cravin something fresh / I look to your sword.

TATIANA FIREFLY: Your fire is so fly / logs jump into your burnt arms / just to hear you spit.

PADRA’S SWING SET: Your set is so swung / even wind can’t flip your kicks / keep em high, so high

SKY HIGH ALICIA: Your sky is so high / the kids send their balloons up / just to dream with you

FULL MOON MEGAN: Your moon is so full / the werewolves are dressing up / to dance in your glow

MIXTAPE FOR LIZ: Your tape is so mixed / it’s like kimchi flavored Bach / looped on a dove song

CHRIS’S KITTEN: Your kit is so ten / it’s double thumbs up, peace sign, / pinky promise plus

DAN’S BIG BOX: Your box is so big / the world is guns and villains / till wife turns it off

ROCK STAR KATIE: Your star is so rocked / you can shoot and make a wish / both feet on teh ground

MIDNIGHT MADDIE: Your mid is so night / Sofia got her eyes tight / dreams sweet on your chest

VANESSA’S GREEN EGGS: Your eggs are so green / I would eat them in a box / or with you, you fox.

ANGIE’S BLUE BELL: Your bell is so blue / it rings wild razz lollipops / on our grown up tongues

CHRISTY’S WILDLIFE: Your life is so wild / giraffe spot love and snake smiles / you just can’t cage that

MELISSA SPICE JAR: Your jar is so spiced / gotta warn em, don’t get too / crazy shakin ya

WHAT’S UP MARY: Your what is so up / the who when where why and how / got nothin on it.

FREESTYLE SARAH: Your style is so free / and your hugs are golden so / I think I owe you

STACY JAY Z: Your Jay is so Z / or is it Lo or is it / Ray? You would know this.

SASHA’S SMALL TALK: Your talk is so small / I keep it in my pocket / rainy day savings

KRISTIN’S STARFISH: Your fish is so starred / I saw him swim crooked but / you see his best strokes

GOLD’S STRAIGHT TALK: Your talk is so straight / it squares up like a window / mmm that’s some fresh air

JULIA’S CITY BANK: Your city’s so bank / the sky dumps its purse in the / million dollar sea.

KAYLA’S SMALL FRY - Your fry is so small / I won’t tell if you won’t, so / buy a large let’s eat

SMOKE STACK JANELLE: Your stack is so smoked / he stopped breathing and fell when / you walked in the room

FAST TRACK JOSHUA: Your track is so fast / I thought I heard you but it / might’ve been the wind

EMILY’S STOP WATCH: Your watch is so stopped / no fuss no rush no mom mom / bear hug, who wants that.

NEON DEB: Your ne is so on / a lighthouse in the city / pink red lime flash arms

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