Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Friday, February 4, 2011

love poem for the inanimate

dear little blue couch

made for two

how i love you

so many times we have sat





and the poetically unmentionable

dear sanded wooden table

stained with booze and food

sometimes seating 4

with a 5th one standing

how i love you

and your white stained legs

absorbing my words into your grains

absorbing my highs and lows

listening when the world was deaf

dear big mauve washing machine

that clunkers and bunkles into the night

hopping cross my bathroom floor

like a mad rabbit come to life

how i love you

giving me a place to rest my head

when its tired from life's spin cycle

you bounce across the tiles reminding me that i am alive

dear photographs on my front door

frozen perfect moments of days printed onto sheets

half swaying like sentinels upon entering and exiting

how i love you

always whispering to me


remember us?

remember when?

remember how you felt that day?

look at where you are right now"

remembering when i forget

dear knick knacks collected from a close to decade's worth of wandering

collecting dust

solid in your sentimental worth

how i love you

having carried you across continents and oceans

and back again

having packed unpacked repacked resettled you

each one of you a sort of talisman of a life well lived for an age so young

dear objects inanimate each and every one of you



works of art

notes written

moments taken

moments stolen

mugs smuggled

28 year old pair of pink argyle socks

bears whove been more places than most humans

dear objects inanimate

each time i wonder if or when or how

somehow one of you comes to life to say

"its real it happened

everything now will be ok"

objects inanimate

how i love you

-- kim thompson. seoul. s. korea. friday 4 feb 11 17.52