Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Thursday, January 6, 2011


don't push me cause i'm close to the edge
i'm trying not to lose my head
thinking it through like needle + thread
trying not to be a brain dead thoroughbred
but when the anger is widespread
coursing through the cells of red
make me put you in a dirt bed
you make me develop a complex complex
brush off those rosy colored specs
you see-thru like crystalline plex
i'll work you out like bowflex
running in a loop like cineplex
the unusual suspects
preparing to annex your objects
i rejects your fears of my sex
silencing me will only make me louder
i'll injest your hate like protein powder
i'm nietzsche with super powers
cower in your guarded tower
because it's you i'll devour
for happy rush hour
your grave lined with flowers
saran gift, it's a wrap
i got you running laps
clap back until you're ensnared in my trap
in the shower i got your cap
this is a lobotomy, a spinal tap
you made me snap
this isn't gangster rap, it's fagstar rap

go ahead and martyr me
you'll rupture an artery
no need to carly simon me
in my veins is no vanity
i'm a gorilla beating my chest to be the best
in this guerilla jestfest
i'm dressed to detest
causing you mental unrest
i'm that pest unimpressed with your quest
but my patience you do test
drop off the case pick up my suit
man up + steal your loot
cause a riot with my zoot
i'm an astute brute of ill repute
refusing to dilute
unable to compute
your petty dispute
refute your root square
remember this affair
when i chain you to the electric chair
it isn't fair that when i cause you despair
it helps fatten my derriere
come here to meet my khmer
you're unaware of the havoc i can share
make you beyond repair
no one else can compare
you're a teddy bear, i'm a grizzly bear
you're foursquare, i'm time square
you're solitaire, i'm a billionaire

so stay in your lane you're driving me to think
your mental capacity out of sync
dissolve your mind in my kitchen sink
on the brink of releasing the chink from the clink
soft like a drink
daniels got jacked
the handle was hacked
even if you got the ciroq on lock
i'll still popov and you i will subtract
you've cracked under the pressure of my abstract
you're in dry dock from your shell shock
scared of how my flow knock
like i'm a missionary on your block
my flow is ad hoc
my speed is mach
bow down before my jock
shrink like scrotum
worship my totem
your uptake slow as a modem
you stunned, son
you're just a rerun
and i'm a track star, cross country #1
i refund you, done
the whackness must cease
the creativity must de-cease
my creative release
trumps your life lease
of my problems, you're the least
you're drowning in the belly of my beast
priesting on this flow
got me feasting on the dough
riesling don't got me slow
beasting with the ledge of know