Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Friday, August 13, 2010

Haiku Giveaway Day II

Hi, I had another haiku giveaway day for my Thursday poem this week. Wrote a haiku for anyone who asked for one.  I had a couple requests, too, like "a limitless haiku" and a "climber haiku", which is fun cause it makes me feel (as Tim put it) like a Haiku DJ.

The first one, for my son, is probably my favorite.

DIEGO'S SKILLSAW: Your saw is so skilled / carved this knotted wooden heart / into a hope chest.

HIGHWAY SASHA: Your Way is so High / They call you Bridge now since all  / the people look up.

BRANDON’S LOLLIPOP: Your lolli’s so popped / that center looks too good to / count licks on the way.

PADRA’S TEARDROP: Your tear’s so dropped / even your scary sad days / get down like they’re hot.

BIG WHEEL STEVE: Your wheel is so big / everywhere you turned I just / had to roll with you.

ANN’S WINGSPAN: Your wing is so spanned / the kids called it an earthquake / as their ground took flight

STEEL STRING TREVOR: Your string is so steel / stretched between mountains you walk / no fear, just music

MEGAN’S LIMITLESS HAIKU (as requested): Your hug’s seventeen / syllables playing tag on / your arms, still running.

COURTNEY AT LIGHT SPEED: Your light’s so speedy / somewhere between here and your / hope, the dark gave up.

TGIF THANK GOLD IT’S FRIDAY: Your day is so fried / Everything that you do is / frickin delicious.

CHRISTY’S SOFT COVER - Your cover’s so soft / they read you at night just to / hold you in their hands.

PHOEBE’S FREE REFILL: Your refill’s so free / no one in the room can feel / empty around you. 

ALICA’S SUN SCREEN - Your sun is so screened / it prints on people like a / designer label.

TIM’S WALLFLOWER (a climber haiku, as requested): Your wall’s so flowered. / Jealous, gravity saw you / and moved the ground there. 

REAL SIMPLE SARAH - Your simple’s so real / stressed-out fairies and dragons / pop you like a pill. 

KATIE’S COOL SHADES: Your shade is so cool / the sun wears your shadow on / Fridays out dancing.

CACHET ON THE NORTH SLOPE:  Your slope’s so North / you let it take its course but / it always points home.

KATIE’S STREET LIGHT:   Your street is so lit / the word on it burnt holes the / dead keep wishin on.

STACY’S BRIGHT SIDE: Your side is so bright / ‘course your grass is greener, ‘course / we wanna be there.

HILARY’S GRILLED CHEESE: Your cheese is so grilled / every smile got that burnt flipped / look that’s addicting.

COLIN’S MUD SLIDE: Your slide’s so muddy. / You know life’s more fun if you / get a lil dirty.   

SWEET TOOTH ANNIE: Your tooth is so sweet / that even the cuspids chew / nice when you’re around.

STEM CELL HELEN:  Your cell is so stemmed. / Like any cage, you can just / flower out of there.  

PATCHWORK MALIA: Your work is so patched / the broken places are what / make the quilt gorgeous.

in lieu of...

in lieu of a poem listen to this interview on international adoption, korea, korean ibyangs, etc...

- kim thompson seoul, s. korea 13 august 2010

p.s. my brain is frozen hence the lack of poems... but soon there will be words

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poem For the Woman Who Thought Asking Dr. Laura a Race Question Was a Good Idea

"Schlessinger also said that if the caller did not have a sense of humor about race, she shouldn't have entered into an interracial marriage."

We had a dog once.
He was friendly enough
but always pissed on the rug--
just all over it.
We tried to train him not to,
gave him a shock collar,
rewards when he pissed outside,
even took him to a doggy therapist
but he kept pissing on the rug every time he got the chance.
We couldn't throw the rug out;
it had been in the family for years, was part of us now
so we cleaned it every week--sometimes twice--
and just did our best to tolerate the damn dog,
did our best to keep anything nice away from the rug.

He didn't see a difference between what was rug
and what was on or next to rug--
Mom said it had something to do with all dogs
being colorblind--I think this dog was just
too inbred to even see contours.
He'd just take a piss everywhere
and then sit there wagging his tail,
expecting you to take him for a walk.
He still does--that dog will live forever.
So don't get all angry if you leave your shoes on the rug
and the dog pisses all over them.
Look at that dog--that thing doesn't know any better.
He won't learn and
we can't just put him down.
Don't blame me--

I wanted a cat.