Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Sunday, July 27, 2014


We hold hands and I can’t help but to say
“Is it weird that this feels normal?”
Through summers
we laugh and smile, between my broken R’s and her refurbished metallic shining grin we thought we were invincible
Her locket she called her heart was almost as tight as our fingers were
entwined with each others as if we were making a beautiful concerto with sign language
our rhythm were our hearts beating faster than the sun when I looked at her slightly slanted sweetened eyes
 the notes were the syllables we tapped out of our fingers whenever we gave little kid back rubs to each other,
you were the conductor and I was your score and together we made everyone smile in awe at how cute of a couple we could be at such a young age, thinking we knew what these butterflies in our stomachs were
Sunny days were replaced with cold nights
we grew
I didn’t want to but I knew I had to
You came back one day with amazing news
I just wish I was a part of it
It was going to be difficult, scary even, and we both knew it
I just never confronted it
I blinked and life changed instantly
One call gave so much meaning, but this was like fingers snapping
Locks rusting
music burning
teeth breaking
a genocide of monarchs
I sit in a pew
there's no casket, just an empty space of room
I wish you were here
our hands hugging
“This isn't weird.”

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