Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Thursday, April 28, 2011


so you want to provoke me
then i will choke thee
pipe to your broke knee
don't call it murder, call it mercy
i'm not at the edge i'm in the chasm
make you see phantasms
while i make your spine go into spasm
we at the point of no return
you should be concerned
you i will adjourn
you know this won't just burn
more painful than tax returns
no more option of peace
i will not cease until you're deceased
whittled down to the littlest piece
need to call a priest to release
from the beast of the far east
i feast on your fear
your lease on life's end is near
chug down your blood with a chaser of beer [gombae]
you thought the queer couldn't commandeer
let's get this clear
so you know i'm sincere
i won't stop until your lifeforce disappear
i make you bloody like a pap smear
flesh so disgusting even worms won't go near
no more birthdays this calendar year
blow out all the candles in your chandelier
your lights go dark
no question mark
i am a great white shark
my massacre about to embark
i'm a carnivore, a predator
i embrace you with c4
leave your body busted on the floor
add your head to my decor
you trying to start the third world war
go ahead, i got an arsenal for days
hand on the matches ready to set you ablaze
i'm not here to coddle + amaze
i'm here to make your brains go all kind of ways
here come the extinction
dinosaurs won't just have the distinction
you'll be wiped out like a giant wave
even if you change your behave
you waive the opportunity to be forgave
i'm razor sharp, no close shaves
time to dig you a shallow grave
you messin' with a goblin
this ain't no petty squablin'
your legs ain't the only thing that'll be wobblin'
a nose job is the least of your problems
thought your ugly face couldn't get worse
your plastic surgeon won't get reimbursed
shoved off the building headfirst
insides all dispersed
you'll wish you were cursed
and i'm not even at worst
shouldn't have stepped to me in the first
medical institutions goin' mental
tooth fairy can't identify your dental
your pain is not accidental or coincidental
i'm a force like elemental
the build up is incremental
until the payoff is monumental
brains stewed like lentils
how's that for oriental?
your weak shit is obsolete
it's alt control delete
i flip you to downbeat
wearing boots made of concrete
no parachute in your ejection seat
call an agent you about to be cast
slash your throat with glass
make you want the tear gas
i'll mummify your insignificant ass
fuck you with embalming fluid
draw + quarter you like a druid
splay your carcass on my shield
make you run track on my mine field
fingernails back + peeled
my lips aren't sealed
my words is rough
but my fists is tough
even when you've had enough
i still beat you into a bloody cream puff
see your blood run
anger hotter than the center of the sun
i got the formula to f1
regrets are none
torture is for fun
this is my entertainment with no refunds
the noose has already been spun
you're a stun gun, i'm a machine gun
i lay you out, done

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  1. Cool, lots of THINGS-.. Dinosaur, tooth fairy, plastic surgeon, guns, third world, fingernails, parashute, priest....:)