Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Saturday, February 12, 2011

on ashes and change and so much more

so we stand there

and i can feel the ashes of this

sliding 'tween my fingers

hands open-winged at my side

but i dont say a-thing

i just say


perhaps because ive never taken the time

to watch the full decomposition of a thing

perhaps because i hate knowing

before im ready to allow for what i know

so we sit


letting the world make its slow slide into the sea

as if the crumbling will reveal something semi-precious

that we can still grab

but this is not a poem for sadness

not a poem for things lost

things betrayed

things sullied by deceit

this is a song for what can be rebuilt

after cities have settled to the bottom of the sea

this is a hymn for the fertility that springs from volcanic ash

a manifest for what we let go (of) and take in

i let go as the snow fell

i let go as the singer sang her words

and then took hold of what is waiting

knowing one day the words i'll say

that there you are

that i have traveled so far to come back to where i began

and we dreamed to find that we were no longer strangers

i came back to reclaim

all that has been laid out for me

to let the erosion make way for what my heart intends

i came back to rebirth again in the middle of my life

i am as she told me

that angel circling round my own head

telling me

what i have always known

that here

is where i will find


with my ashen outstretched hands

and well timed out heart

today the world itself is humming change

change that comes from hope

today the world rejoices

and tomorrow some day when it weeps

we will know what we have always felt

that we have built - destroyed - and rebuilt all this crumbling beauty

from our words

and with my sentences i can create you into being

and form that thing that has just been waiting for me to


and say

"ok. im finally ready"






gathering ashes to breathe new life into.

we were formed from dust and ribs.


kim thompson. yesterday sat 12 feb. seoul. s.korea


  1. "slow slide into sea...there is a hymn for the fertility that springs from the volcanic ash....erosion... dust ribs..." hits me two spots, faded memories of Mt. St. Helens and trying to make good of anticiapted change.

  2. ! i too have faded memories of mt st helens... i was in portland the morning it happened...