Contributors * more photos to appear soon

Contributors * more photos to appear soon
Christy Namee Eriksen, kim thompson, Jon Schill

Thursday, May 13, 2010


hello/how are u
stale words to choke on
endemic ennui entrenched in every esoteric example
futile invigoration attempts grave-digging
plant the sullied seeds in tainted soil
where the planters grow green with envy
jealous of the ungrateful dead
rotting on the vine
strangle the incessant agony
a pestilence
channel it here around my wrist
my charmbracelet of voodoo dolls
my anger chained and noisy
sustenance never takes root in my body
so i feed off it all
i awake to suck the damaged dew from my weakened heart
breakfast time/lunch time/dinner time/dying time
i sleep to sup off the tainted thoughts from my weakened mind
why can't i erase my mind?
images in permanent marker
scrawled behind my eyelids
so that i'm always blinded to see
broken expectations
shattered afterthoughts
fractured dreams
paths pathetically pathologizing my pathos
dandelion beauty/dandelion damage/dandelion infestation/dandelion bouquets
infectious, my precious
how are the fruitless fruits spread?
don't let it go to ur head
blow away to a different garden
where ur appreciated and wanted
blink once, twice, three times
u remain like a bad hangover
drunk with ur egotism, narcissist
uproot/get the boot/remaining is moot/scoot
get away from me
i can't stand u
diligent asp/diligent ass
diligent slum/diligent scum
rot on the viral vine
where u deserve to grow stale
goodbye/good luck to u


  1. (tear)No words...ditto what christy said.